NãmaSmaran Bangalore, was established in the year 2001 with an aim to create an environment that provides ample opportunity to sing and hear the praise of God. NãmaSmaran has been conducting Sri Purandaradasa Jayanthi and Sri Gopalakrishna Bhagavathaswamy Jayanthi Uthsavam for the last 15 years in the month of October. The Utsavam is in the form of a series of bhajans by Bhagavathars of repute in Sampradaya style from across India.

Saint Sri Purandaradasa, the Pitamaha of Carnatic Music and foremost proponent of the Bhakthi Marga composed lakhs of keertans that are simple, yet profound in meaning. These songs have been performed and kept alive for centuries by highly dedicated greats including Pudukkotai Sri Gopalakrishna Bhagavataswamy. Sri Gopalakrishna Bhagavataswamy dedicated his life to spread Namasankeertanam far and wide across India. It is our gratitude to these saints that we offer during the Utsavam and in the process endeavor to promote the bhakti cult amongst people.