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Sri Radhakrishna Bhagavathar, a staunch devotee of Bramhashri Gopalakrishna Bhagavathaswamy and a Brahmashri Sanjeevi Bhagavathaswamy was been born on 30th November 1951. He has been performing Namasankeertanam, as also the Dhanurmasa Bhajan at the Kesavaperumal temple, Mylapore for over 50 years on a regular basis. He is an exponent of various Kalyana Uthsavams, Vasanthakelikkai, and Pavvalimpu in the Pudukkottai Sampradayam.

He has to his credit the honour of releasing the first ever Cassette on Sampradaya Bhajan in the year 1989, titled ‘Sampradaya Hari Bhajan’ in 2 volumes marketed by Giri Trading Company. Recently he released a CD of Abhangs, the occasion being blessed by Sri H H Sri Naamananda Giri Swamigal of Thenangur.

An event he greatly cherishes is his performance of 108 Divyanamam and Dolothsavam within a span of one year (1991-1992), the culmination of which was celebrated by a mega Bhagavatha mela at All India Sai Samajam, Mylapore on Dec 5th and 6th 1992. The mela was well attended Bhagavathars. On the final day, Bhagavatha Arachana for 108 Bhagavathars was performed under the begin presence of Sri Sanjeevi Bhagavathaswamy. Sri Radhakrishna Bhagavathar has been conferred with many titles viz. ‘Naama Pranchara Kainkarya Seva Rathna’ at Dwaraka by Bhagavan Nama Prachara Mandali’ and ‘Bhagavatha Sreshta’ by Radhakrishna Bhajan Mandali, Hosur. He has been felicitated by the Bhagavatha Seva Trust at Krishna Gana Sabha, Chennai. He has been at the forefront contributing, collecting and performing Unchavrithi regularly year after year for the Narasimha Jayanthi Uthsavam at Pudukkottai.

His father, the illustrious Sri Venkataraja Bhagavathar, was the disciple of Pudukkottai ‘Appa’, so much that Paranur Sri Krishna Premi Anna has mentioned in the August 2015 edition of the ‘Bhagavatha Dharmam’ magazine about their family tradition and strong roots in Naamasankeertana paaramparyam which speaks volumes about the family`s contribution towards the propagation of Sampradaya bhajans.

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