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Brahmarshi K S Mallikarjuna Bhagavathar (1936) was born in the erstwhile Chennapattinam. From his early childhood, he showed deep interest and high inclination towards singing of devotional music. In fact, as early as a mere 8 year old, he started singling Bhajans. Small wonder therefore that he was soon to take up rendering Sampradaya Bhajans putting to good his inherent God-given gift.

He has been closely associated with Bhagavathars of repute, like Poojayashri Gopalakrishna Bhagavathaswamy, Sri Chintamani Ayyangar and Sri Hari Bhagavathar. Profound knowledge of Sanskrit, mastering the intricacies of Sampradaya Bhajans especially Gita Govindam, in depth knowledge of Sastras combined with sincerity and ingenuity made him first among his contemporaries. He is also well versed in Veda Sastras and is much sought after during occasions like Bhagavatha Sapthaham and Rama Navahams. He has compiled many Kalyana Paddathi books which serve as a useful manual and guide to many.

He gas had the rare privilege of being bestowed with the ‘Akshata Patram” and ‘Nama Sutram’ by Poojayashri Gopalakrishna Bhagavathaswamy of Pudukkottai. He was conferred ‘Bhagavatha Sironmani’ and ‘Bhagavatha Mahoday’ by Swami Haridoss Giri and Swami Krishna Premi respectively. Brahmarshi K S Mallikarjuna Bhagavathars was working with EID Parry until 1984.

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