NãmaSmaran 2011

Sri S Bheema Rao Bhagavathar, aged 75, was born in Dharapuram to the pious couple Smt. Krishnaveni and Sri S K Sanjeeevi Rao. He learnt to play harmonium from Sri S M Subbaiah Naidu, one of the finest composers and Music Directors of South Indian film music. He has also had the proud distinction of accompanying the maestro Sri Gopalakrishna Bhagavathaswamy to many a bhajan. Sri Bheema Rao Bhagavathar being an integral part of Sri Sanjeevi Bhagavthar’s team always accompanied him on his tours to various parts of the country. He is a classic example of a Bhagavathar who adopted Nãmaprachaara as his life’s mission to the extent that he remained unmarried.

Sri Bheema Rao Bhagavathar with his mastery over ragas had evolved a unique style of accompaniment; standing out distinctly, yet only to embellish the performance of the main artist – indeed a very rare talent for an accompanying artist. He would often use the pauses available in a piece to skilfully add charm and depth to the overall Bhajan performance. Yet another aspect about him, not known to many,  is  that  he would uses the  breaks between songs to  share his witty one liners which apart from acting as great stress busters make the Bhajans more enjoyable specially when they go over for more than 15 hours. In the recent days, he accompanies H Sri Sri Ramananda Saraswathi Swamigal.

In recognition of his contribution to the field of Bhajans, he has been honoured by several organizations. He has been decorated with titles viz. ‘Harmonia Vãdana Shiromani’, ‘Nãma Prachãra Seva Rathna’ and ‘Bhagavatha Thilakam’.

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