NãmaSmaran 2012

Sreeman Muthukrishnan fondly called as ‘Kannan Bhagavathar’ was born on 21st May 1955 at Madurai from where his pious parents Sri M Srinivasan and Smt. Madhuram hailed. From the very early child-hood days, he showed his inherent likings towards ‘Namasankeertanam’. As early as his 14th year of age, he would accompany many Bhajan group and would even play the accompanying instruments alongside many senior artists of repute and experience. As a result he became an ardent fan of many of the instrument playing Vdwans in the true Guru-Sishya parampara.

If Mridangam as an accompanying instrument were accorded a pride of place in the rendering of Namasankeertanam, Sri Kannan Bhagavathar brought into glorious focus yet percussion instrument viz. the ‘Dholki’ which he played with such elegance that the Bhaktas and the Bhagavatars often got transported, nay mesmerized to a state of bliss thanks to his deft handling of the instrument.

He unbounded enthusiastic accompaniment, time and again brought out the best in the singers providing a divine experience to listener in the audience making him a much sought after percussion player. More importantly, his performance has triggered many young present day artist to take up the playing of ‘Dholki’ during Bhajans thus popularising the percussion instrument of yore and giving the pride in the modern times too.

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