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Brahmasri Karur D Krishnamoorthy Bhagavathar (77 years) is the son of Karur Late Sri A Duraiswami Iyer. From his  early  childhood  he  showed  deep  interest  and high  inclination  towards NamaSankeerthanam.  He has had Carnatic vocal training for over six decades. His  tutelage  include  a  galaxy  of  famous  musicians  like – Mayuram  Sri  M  S  Vaidyanatha  Iyer ,  Smt.  Vidya  Shankar  [Vocal  &  Veena],  Sri Madurai  G  S  Mani,  Kunnakudi  Sri  Venkatarama  Iyer ,  Chidambaram Sri C S Gopalakrishna  Pillai,  Sri  R  M Sundaram [specialist  in  Koteeswara  Iyer  Keerthanas] and  Sangeetha  Kalanidhi  Sri  G  N  Balasubramaniam.  He  has  also  been  the disciple  of  Brahmasri  Gopalakrishna  Bhagavathaswamy  of  Pudukottai  and Pujyasri Haridoss Giri Swaamigal and had their  blessings. This unique blend of Carnatic  vocal  education  and  a  deep  rooted  interest  in  Namasankeerthanam provides  a  different  dimension  to  all  his  bhajan  performances.

He specializes  in  Abhangs (Hindustani  Style); GNB Bhani (an  adaptation of G N B style of singing); Raja Bhujidar songs of Madurai Sri G S Mani; Keerthans of Ramanathapuram Srinivasa Iyengar; Kavi Kunjaradassar  Kritis. In Chennai,  he  brought  into  practice  an  innovative  style  where Purandaradasar  Kritis  or  Devarnamas  (normally  sung  as  Thukkadas  at  the  fag  end  of  the concert platforms)  were  rendered  as  a  bhajan  concert  for  the  full  three  hours  enthralling  the audience  with devotional  ambience. Apart  from  giving  performances  in  various  cities  in  India, he has  been  invited  to  perform  abroad  too  like  Abu Dhabi,  Dubai,  Singapore,  California  etc.  to name a few.

He has been conferred with titles of Gana Naya Sigamani, Ganakala Paripoorna Award, Isai Chemmal, Innisai Chudar and Asthana Vidwan of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam. He has  been  imparting  music and  bhajans  to  many student  aspirants  for  over  the  last  50  years  or  so;  many of  whom  are  popular  artists  of  Carnatic  Music  today.

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