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Septuagenarian Brahmasri Padmalaya R Srinivasa Bhagavatar was born at Karukurichi. His parents Sri N S Ramakrishna Iyer and Smt. Subbalakshmi Ammal were natives of Tirunelveli District and were known and recognized as ‘freedom fighters’ of yore. His uncle Sri S Ramanatha Sastrigal a Sringeri Asthana Vidwan was a Bhagavathar of repute  apart  from  being the disciple of Thethiyur  Sri Subramania Sastrigal. Brahmasri Padmalaya R Srinivasa Bhagavatar showed  deep  interest  and  high inclination towards Nama Sankeerthanam from the very early age of 6. His Guru was Pujya Sri P S Ramaswamy Iyer (Pattamadai).  For over 3 decades he has been  associated  with  singers  like  Sri  K  Ramakrishna  Bhagavathar  (Shyam Brothers); participated in Namasankeertanam with many senior Bhagavathars of the  State,  as  also  upcoming  young  Bhagavathars  drawn  from  Marathi Bhagavathars  of  Madurai  Sitaram  Bhajan  Mandali.

He has  been  the recipient  of  several  honours  and  awards  from  eminent  religious  organizations  and  Trusts. His  Holiness  Sri  Sringeri  Bharathi  Theertha  Swamigal  (Sringeri  Mutt);  His  Holiness  Sri  Jayendra Saraswathi  Swamigal  (Kanchi  Peetam);  Sri  Sanjeevi  Bhagavathaswamy  (who  conferred  the  title  of ‘Vittal”);  at  Sengalipuram  Bhagavatar  Mela (1997),  from  Vittal  Das Maharaj (who  conferred  the  title  of “Bhagavatar  Tilakam”);  on their  Golden jubilee  year,  the  Bhagavata Mela of Thennagur conferred the  title of “Bhagavatha Siromani”; at Pandarpur Bhagavata Mela he was honoured by Sri Tukaram Ganapathy Maharaj; Madurai S S Colony Satsangha Bharathi honoured him in  the  year 2012 for  Bhajan Services; he has also been conferred an honour by Bhagavata Seva Trust (of Udaiyalur Kalyana Rama Bhagavathar fame).As  a  professional  adhyapakar  he  donned  the  mantle of  a  higher  Secondary  School  teacher  teaching English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Accounting and Commerce for nearly 33 years. Even while pursuing this noble profession,  the  inner  urge  to  bring  to  the  lips  the  Divya-namam  made  him  commit  himself  to  conduct  Bhajan classes  on  every  Friday  evening  to  the  student  group. Presently even after his retirement, he is  engaged (for more than 6 years now) in  imparting  to likeminded bhaktas  the  nuances  of  Ashtapathi  and  other  keertanas  apart  from  conducting  Sampradaya  Bhajans.

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