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DSC_0084Dholki Vidwan Sri R Shankar is the son of Sri P V Ramanatha Sastrigal of Tiruvannamalai origin. Sri Dholki Shankar,  as he is  popularly and fondly addressed  in  the  Bhajan  circles,  is  aged  55  years  and  was  born  on  12 November  1959  at  Padi  Agraharam,  Tiruvannamalai. One may probably be tempted to say that this highly talented percussionist was born with the Dholki in his hand! For he handled the drum with ease and élan when he was all of 14 years! He was extremely fortunate to be taught  the  nuances  of  this  instrument  by  the  famous  Sri  Kol  Nataraja Bhagavathar.

Sri Dholki Shankar has played for almost all leading Bhagavatars like Gemini Sri Balakrishna Bhagavathar and H H Sri Sri Namanandagiri Swamigal.  Dholki artists like  him are always adept at singing or chanting and often provide lead drumming and bring high levels of energy and enthusiasm  to any bhajan  performance. He has been honoured by Bhagavatha Seva Trust, Chennai and Sri Ram  Bhajan Mandali, Chennai for his yeoman service to the cause of Namasankeerthanam. In the year  2010, Sri  ‘Dholki’ Shankar was honoured with the august title of  “Bhagavatha Siromani”.

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