NãmaSmaran 2013

Brahmasri  S  Muthuramakrishna  Bhagavathar,  aged  77,  hails  from  Athur Agraharam  (Dindukkal), here  exists  an  ancient  ‘Bhajana-Madam’.    This  holy place ever since 1935 has been hosting several spiritual activities including over 100  Bhajans  being  conducted  each  year  on  various religious  occasions. Prominent  amongst  these  (since  1951)  are    Divya  Nama  Sankeertanams conducted  on  special   days  like  Purattasi -Saturday’s,  Gokul ashtami ,  Sri Ramanavami, Ekadasi etc.   Sri Muthuramakrishna Bhagavathar for  over  60  years has been actively involved  in  conducting Sampradaya Bhajans at this  place in  the company  of  several  well-known  Bhajan-singers.    Being himself  quite  adept  in playing harmonium and Mridangam, he often is  known to  get immersed  in singing Bhajans  at  home  too  since  his  youth. His  Guru  was  none  other  the  most   revered Brahmasri   Gopalakrishna Bhagavathaswamy  of  Pudukkottai  fame.    Every year since 1965, he has been active participant in the annual function of Pudukkottai Narasimha Jayanthi celebrations. For the  past 30 years,  he  has  been  attending  the  Trichy  Bhagavata  Sammelan  too  as  a  prominent Bhajan  singer.

He  has  had  the  honour  to  associate  with  great  Bhajan  singers  like  Brahmasri  Sanjeevi  Bhagavathaswamy, Sri rangam  Sri   Sethumadhava  Rao  and  Sri   T  V  Narayana  Sastrigal.  Apart from these,  Sri Muthuramakrishna  Bhagavathar  has  been  leading  Bhajan  groups  performing  Sita Kalyanam,  Radha Kalyanam  etc.    He is  known  to  perform  at  other  places  too-like  Vattalkundu, Madurai, Melur,  Nattam, Tirunelveli,  Ambai,  Karaikkudi,  Mumbai,  Pune,  Kolkatta  to  name  a  few. Understandably,  his  native  place Athur receives  special  attention,  in  that  on  every  Ekadasi day at  the ancient  Bhajana-Madam,  Bhajans  are  being  conducted  on  regular  basis  in  all  its solemnity. During the  special Poojopachara Bhajans, as per the  norms of Pudukkottai Bhajana Sampradaya, the highly  blessed  Brahmasri  Muthuramakrishna Bhagavathar  often  displays  his inherent  talents  of  ‘Narthana’ and  ‘Abhinayana’   which  is  a  visual  treat  to  the  assembled bhaktajanas.

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