NãmaSmaran 2011

Pudukkottai Sri Narasimha Bhagavathar, aged 55 years, is the grandson of Paramapoojya Sri Gopalakrishna Bhagavathaswamy. Born in such a rich lineage, it is but natural that he inherited the Pudukkottai Sampradyam and began  singing  along  with  his  father  Late  Pudukkotai  Sri  Sanjeevi Bhagavathar  from  a  very  young  age.

He developed keenness towards the Pooja aspect of Sampradaya bhajans and also shouldered the responsibility of performing the Nithya pooja and abhishekam to the idols at Pudukkottai, which have been worshipped from the time of Sri Gopalakrishna Bhagavthaswamy. This also meant that he would miss out on all the Nãmaprachaara tours where he could have accompanied  his  father  Pudukkottai  Sri  Sanjeevi  Bhagavathar  and  his brother  in  poorvashrama,  H  H  Sri  Sri  Ramananda  Saraswathi  Swamigal.

Sri  Narasimha  Bhagavathar  now  single  handedly  manages  the  planning  and  organising  of  the annual  Pudukkottai  Lakshmi  Nrusimha  Swamy  Jayanthi  Uthsavam. The uthsavam, as is well known, is attended by bhajan enthusiasts from all over India and also by senior bhagavathars who have spent a lifetime in propagating Nãmasankeerthanam. It is said that witnessing this annual spectacle where numerous bhagavathars converge at one place in reverence to the Lord and their Guru – Pudukkottai Sri Gopalakrishna Bhagavthaswamy, is an unforgettable and ennobling experience.

He continues the Unchavrithi dharma passed on from generations and is also now more actively involved in bhajans in other cities and towns with his sons Sri Shankar and Sri Vignesh taking over the Nithya pooja.

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