NãmaSmaran 2012

October 25th to 29th marked the 12th annual Bhajan Uthsavam, NãmaSmaran 2012, which was held at Mudaliar Sangam Hall, Bangalore. The 5 day Uthsavam was graced by some 500 devotee who had come to hear and sing the praise of God. This year too NãmaSmaran was a huge hit with many stalwart and melodious Bhagavathars’ musical presentations charming the crowd at the event. 12th year festivities unfolded with Purandaradasa Jayanthi celebrations and the day was filled with power packed Bhajans by Thanjayur Sri Tyagaraja Bhagavathar, Mayavaram Sri Gnanaguru Bhagavathar, Konduthirapully Sri K V Subbaraman Bhagavathar and Sri A V K Rajasimhan Bhagavathar.

Spectacular Bhajan recitals were lined up over the weekend. The first half of Saturday showcased impassioned renditions by Tiruvisanallur Sri Ramakrishna Bhagavathar and Melarcode Sri Ravi Bhagavathar. The audience enjoyed Majapara Sri Mohan Bhagavathar`s bhajan in the evening following which Brahmarshi M K Narasimha Bhagavathar (Malleswaram Murthy Mama) and Brahmarsri Kannan Bhagavathar (Dolki Vidwan) were honoured. The day ended with Divyanamam and Dolothsavam sung pleasingly by H H Sri Sri Ramananda Saraswathi Swamigal. On Sunday, Unchavrithi was conducted by Pudukkottai Brahmarshi Narasimha Bhagavathar. Guru Pooja to Brahmarsri V Dakshinamoorthy Bhagavathar and Brahmarsri Venkateswara Bhagavathar preceded Sri Radha Madhava Kalyana Uthsavam, rendered in Bhajan Style by Erode Sri Rajamani Bhagavathar. Proving to be as spirited as the previous music sessions, bhajans by Sri Pothanoor Selvi Padmapriya, Ayakudi Sri Kumar Bhagavathar left the congregation mesmerised in devotion. Following these, there was a procession of Poojasri Gopalakrishna Bhagavathaswamy`s Photo lead by H H Sri Sri Ramananda Saraswathi Swamigal and accompanied with Nadaswaram, Veda Ghosham and Bhajans by Erode Sri Rajamani Bhagavathar, Ayakudi Sri Kumar Bhagavathar, Sri Rakumai Bhajan Mandali, Sri V V Radhakrishna Bhagavathar and Sri V V Gopalakrishna Bhagavathar.

Anjaneya Uthsavam was celebrated on the last day of NãmaSmaran 2012. Pradosham Pooja Group, Bangalore, cantillated Abhisheka and Archana to Anjaneya. A set a 3 tuneful recitals by Sedalapathy Sri Soundararaja Bhagavathar, Kalyan Nagar Bhajan Mandali and the prowess Udayalur Sri Kalyanarama Bhagavathar followed bringing the 4 day Uthsavam to a grand closure. We will take a year to be back with NãmaSmaran 2013, but you know it will definitely be worth the wait!

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Bhaagavatha Kainkaryam at NãmaSmaran 2012

Sri M K Narasimhan (Malleshwaram Murthy)
Sreeman Muthukrishnan (Kannan)

 Guru Samarpanam at NãmaSmaran 2012

Sri Dakshinamoorthy
Sri S Venkataswaran (Venkatesa)