NãmaSmaran 2015

15th year celebrations of Sri Puranadaradasa Jayanthi and Sri Gopalakrishna Bhagavathaswamy Jayanthi commenced on 29 October 2015 with Sampradaya Bhajans sung elegantly by Sri V V V Raman Bhagavathar & Brothers. Their rendition included Thodayamangalam, Gurukeerthanam, Ashtapadi and Tharagam following which Tiruppunithura Sri P S Ramachandra Bhagavathar delivered Panchapadi and Dhyaanam.  These stimulating sessions formed a prelude to a fabulous recital by the celebrated Udayalur Sri Kalayanarama Bhagavathar, who sung many new compositions charging up audience for the 5 day bhajan festival. Day 2 of NãmaSmaran  was filled with a rhythm of eternal love and devotion. The gathering savored a soulful recital of Jayadeva’s Ashtapadis by Sri O S Sundar Bhagavathar and Sri A V Sreekanth Bhagavathar. The ever melodious Smt Savitha Sreeram & Party harmonized Daasara Kritis and Abhangs, weaving a musical web of spiritual serenity around Bhaktas.

The Bhajan Uthsam progressed splendidly for the next 3 days awarding pious and divine experiences to many a devotee. Saturday brimmed with spirited performances starting with Thodayamangalam and Gurukeerthanam rendered by A V K Rajasimmha Bhagavathar in dulcet tones. This pleasurable hearing was succeeded by an exhilarating Bhajan by Senkottai Sri Hari Bhagavathar. The congregation enjoyed repeating Bhagavannaama listening to the lively Bhagavathar, while some Bhaktas, animated by a fervent spirit of devotion, danced. The crowd witnessed honoring of Bhagavathars: Sri P Gopalakrishnan and Sri V V Radhakrishnan in the evening, along with Divyanamam and Dolothsavam sung by the forever popular and dynamic Kovai Sri Jayarama Bhagavathar.

Day 4 of NãmaSmaran was glorified with Sri Gopalakrishna Bhagavathaswamy Jayanthi which began with Uchavritti. Following this, Guru Pooja was conducted to Bramarsri Sundaram Iyengar Bhagavathar and Bramharsri Muthumani Bhagavathar, in the presence of H H Sri Sri Ramananda Saraswathi Swamigal. The next program was Sri Radha Madhava Kalyana Uthsavam which was rendered in Bhajan style by Erode Sri Rajamani Bhagavathar. The environment was so mystically divine when the sacred Thaali was being tied to Radha Devi that, one can cannot explain it in words. There was a short downpour of rain the moment Thali was secured which lead Bhakthas to conjure images of Devataas witnessing the celestial marriage and showering blessing. Following the Kalyanam, adolescent boys from Sathguru Gnanananda Namasankeethana Mandali, lead by Sri Sanjeevi Krishnaswamy and Sri Kishnaswamy, delivered a powerful and Bhakthi filled Bhajan. This rendition further strengthened the serene and harmonious state of the mind with firm trust at the lotus feet of Sadguru. Brothers, Sri Hari and Sri Giri of Sri Narayanamurthy Bhajan Mandali performed splendidly in the evening. The symphonious Bhajan of these youngsters was followed by an ebullient and peppy rendition by Manjapara Sri Mohan Bhagavathar.

On the last day of the Bhajan festival, Pradosham Pooja Group, Bangalore, conducted Abhisheka and chanted hymns seeking the blessings of Lord Anjaneya.  Anjaneya Uthsavam also included Bhajans by Sri Kartik Gnaneshwar Bhagavathar and Anjaneya Kritis by Kalyananagar Bhajan Mandali. NãmaSmaran 2015 came to a closure on 02 November with H H Sri Sri Ramananda Saraswathi Swamigal`s impassioned rendition. NãmaSmaran  will be back this year too around October to drench many a devotee in soulful Bhajan. We request you to be a part of NãmaSmaran 2016 to experience the tranquilizing efficacy of Bhagavan Naama Smaranam.

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Bhagavatha Kainkaryam at NãmaSmaran 2015

Sri P Gopalakrishnan
Sri V V Radhakrishnan

Guru Samarpanam at NãmaSmaran 2015

Sri Sundaram Iyengar
Sri Muthumani